My name is Travis Leech, and I wanted to welcome you to my learning space.  As Mahatma Ghandi so eloquently put it, I am on the path of learning.  My goal for this learning space is to share a record of my journey as a lifelong learner, specific to the field of my profession.

My goal as an educator is to master as much of the world of ed tech as I can, and share those resources and that learning with other professionals in my field.  Check out my blogs to get a sense of where my mind has been and where I might be going.  Careful, the journey can get messy sometimes.   Check out my Projects page to see a more formal side to my learning process.  If you made it that far and still think I have a clue as to what I am writing and sharing, check out the Resources and Links page.  You might find something useful.

Regardless of how you interact with this site, I hope you enjoy your time here and that you are able to take away something thought-provoking.